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Yoga is hot, it is constantly featured on news program, magazines, and is recommended by medical professionals. It is one of the fastest growing health & fitness program in the world. Yoga Direct is the leader in the import and manufacture of Yoga mats, and props. Much of the orders placed at Yoga Direct are for large spas, and studios

We are   the largest direct importer and manufacturer of quality Yoga equipment in the United States was launched in 1999 by an experienced team of web and retail professionals who all shared a passion for Yoga. The company has experienced tremendous growth over the years and operates out of a state of the art distribution center in Hartford, CT. The company prides itself on providing outstanding customer service, low prices, and the highest quality Yoga accessories available.

  As the importer and often the manufacturer we are able to control quality, and eliminate the middleman to keep our everyday low prices less than our competitors “sale” prices. When you shop online for Yoga Accessories, Yoga Mats, or Yoga Props, shop at Yoga Direct and be assured of the best quality and price.

  While most online specialty retailers who sell Yoga equipment use drop ship or fulfillment services, we personally ship each and every product from our facility. This helps to ensure order accuracy and overall quality.

   Deluxe Yoga Kit For One includes the finest yoga accessories you need for your Yoga routine. These are all studio quality product found in the finest spas around the globe.
classic 1/8" thick yoga mat is the highest quality mat on the market. At 1/8" thick this mat will provide traction and at the same time allow for a firm surface for your yoga routine. This classic sticky yoga mat is machine washable.
Our Deluxe Classic Yoga Mat Roll is thicker than most mats for extra comfort and is the highest quality available. Our a full 1/4 inch extra thick mat is the standard for yoga practitioners everywhere.. Each roll is 102' 6" long, which is long enough to cut 18 mats that are 68" long or 17 mats that are 72" long and this is typically 2 feet longer then other mats on the market. Additionally, the Yoga Direct 1/4" mat roll weights almost 55 lbs, a full 15 pounds more then most of the competitors on the market, which is inductive of the extra thickness and quality in our product.
  Our 100% cotton bolsters offer forgiving support for spinal stretches, restorative postures and deep breathing. You will find that they are firm to provide full support, yet soft enough to be quite comfortable. The bolsters are stuffed with 100% cotton batting. The bolsters are round, and are 28" long with a 10" diameter. The washable cover is easily removed for cleaning.

  Our foam yoga blocks are strong enough to support your full weight, never mushy like those other blocks, yet comfortable enough for use under your head or seat. Made from a sturdy, scratch resistant foam while still being lightweight and easy to use. Foam Yoga blocks provide stability and support for proper alignment allowing you to do poses safely and effectively.