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 One of the reasons that working out too much sabotages your weight gain efforts is that it increases the likelihood of getting frustrated and wanting to quit. When a workout plan takes up too much of your time, it is easy to make excuses for not doing it one day and then the next and the next thing you know, you aren’t working out at all. The
fitness plan you use must fit into your life to be effective. By making the workouts quick and efficient you are much more likely to stick with the program and achieve your goal of getting huge.

 Another reason working out too much increases frustration and leads to drop out is that it is just to exhausting. You want to work a muscle to the point of fatigue, but you should be able to recover quickly. Overdoing it makes it tough to even handle mundane everyday tasks and makes recovery time much too long. When the workout becomes a dreaded part of your life instead of something enjoyable, it becomes really tough to stick with it. Working out properly will leave you feeling empowered and energized. While you may experience some muscle soreness in the form of delayed onset muscle soreness aka DOMS, this is not debilitating and actually increases your confidence because it is a reminder of the progress you are making.

 The last two reasons that working out too much sabotages your muscle/weight gain efforts are described in more detail in Chapter 9 on “Why your Rest Days are Vital”, but briefly they are that working out too much short circuits the muscle repair process and minimizes muscle growth and working out too much increases the metabolism and
burns more calories which slows down weight gain. Remember that it is the repairing process after the muscles have been “damaged” by lifting weights that actually creates new muscle tissue, so the muscles are actually built
during your rest days. It takes at least one day and sometimes two or three days for a muscle to fully repair itself and build new muscle tissue. If you have pain and soreness after your workout you should wait until the pain is gone to work that muscle again, because this will indicate that the muscle is completely recovered.

 Working out before a muscle is fully recovered is counterproductive because it would mean breaking down the muscle again and any gains that would have been made during recovery are completely wasted. This is why some people work out all the time and do not make the same gains in size and strength as someone who works out less often. This kind of goes back to the “workout smarter, not harder” mantra we’ve been working on. By resting a muscle until it is fully recovered, you will ensure that the workout nets you the greatest gain in muscle tissue possible and maximize your results. One workout done properly and followed by adequate nutrition and rest is worth 10 workouts done incorrectly without proper rest.

 Another very important reason that a hardgainer needs his rest is that his metabolism is so high. Working out too often or too long increases the metabolism and burns more calories. Reducing the duration and frequency of workouts means burning less calories and since the less calories you burn, the more weight you can gain that means more weight gain in less time. The mind is a powerful thing. What you think about becomes your reality. If you continue to think that you are skinny or weak, you will continue to be skinny and weak.

 On the other hand, if you think thoughts like, “I am getting stronger everyday” this will become your reality. You must whole-heartedly believe that you are going to achieve a huge, strong, sexy, muscular physique before you can achieve it. Truly, anything is possible to he who believes it. If you can’t wrap your brain around this concept there is almost no point to even attempting the program. Your mind must grow before your body will follow.


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