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 Benefits of Strength Training and the results of a good strength training program are almost endless. You will have less health problems, happiness and most importantly, and you will gain strength and muscle.

 Strength training should be part of everyone's work out routine. Even if you are low on time, strength training, according to the ACSM  American College of Sports Medicine , only needs to be done two to three times per week with each session lasting no more than one hour.

 For two to three hours per week, nice strength gains can be realized. Regular strength training will help you in day to day activities around the house and in your yard and at work.


  It will keep you independent which is especially important in the older population. Imagine not being able to lift a five pound bag of flour or take the garbage out. lower the risk of osteoporosis, hypertension and diabetes, and  help you avoid lower back pain. A good routine increase bone density which is important for post menopausal women. It increase muscle mass which burns more calories throughout the day than an equal amount of fat.

 Even with all these benefits, many people are reluctant to start training with weights. Concerns include injury, incorrect form and for women; not wanting to grow muscles and look like a man.

 As you start beginning your strength training program, the risk of getting hurt can be greatly reduced by starting out with machines rather than free weights. When you become more comfortable with the machines, you should slowly begin to use free weights. If you want to stick with the machines, know that they will give you the same benefits as free weights.

 You can buy less expensive free weight equipment for use at home and join a gym to have access to the more expensive equipment.  You can design your entire workout routines around a combination such as this.

 Eat healthy!  The only true bodybuilding aids are good nutrition.  Consult a licensed dietician.  Watch your local community calendar for free seminars on diet and nutrition.  Learn all you can about what nature freely provides that can help you to develop a healthy diet .If you choose to use dietary supplements, make certain that you know what you are putting in your body.  Ask your physician for their recommendations based on the work outs you have selected.  No friend, coach or acquaintance can take the place of your doctor.

 You should know what you expect to achieve with your new bodybuilding campaign within a realistic time frame.  If you create goals that are unattainable you are setting yourself up for failure.  You can become bored, disappointed and disillusioned to the point where you may give up.  This is a very sad outcome to what might have been the best decision of your life.

  Don't sell yourself short and stay positive.  Set your long-term goals, of course, but also set short-term goals that are achievable.  And, don't forget to reward yourself when you do achieve them. Consider the costs. If you don't already have a budget, keep one written down.  Then, determine what amount of money you have available for your bodybuilding program.  This will determine whether you can afford to have a home gym or if your needs would better be served by joining a club.

 Take it one step at a time, and enjoy celebrate your success all the way up the ladder. Whether it's another  ten pounds to your bench press or just making it to the gym three days a week, you need to set goals, otherwise it's easy for your workout to get pushed aside when life gets busy.  Visualize Success  It's important to see yourself succeeding before you even begin working out.

 This winning mind set will take you to new levels in your training and will set yourself up for success! You should be smart about getting into body building to ensure that you will achieve success both mentally and physically. Keeping a positive out look with help you in your work outs.

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