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 How to lose weight after having a baby
Doing cardio will help you loose weight.  Just going on a walk is better than nothing, and you can take your baby with you.  Pushing the stroller will engage more muscles as well and make you work harder. 
 This will get you and the baby out of the house for a little while.  Getting some exercise will help you and possibly even your baby sleep better. 
 Jumping rope is good as well to get some cardio. Some exercises for your upper body as pretty simple.  For your triceps: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and hold a weight above your head..

 According to a recent Mayo Clinic study on weight loss, participants who received cash incentives were more likely to stick with the weight-loss program and lost more weight than participants who received no incentives. Find your incentive when you bet on your weight loss with a HealthyWager from HealthyWage.

  Bend your elbows so the bottle goes behind your head and then straighten them back out.  Do the 3 sets of 10, 12, 15.  For your biceps: Hold the bottle or weight  in your hand, relaxing them at your side and palms facing forward.  Bend your elbows forward so that your hand is then by your shoulder.  You can also work your shoulders by doing lateral raises, just stand with your arms at your side, holding some weight, and then lift your arms straight up, until they are parallel with the ground, then back down.  For a weight, you can either go buy some dumbbells, not too heavy though, they are fairly inexpensive, or you can use jugs filled with water or sand.

 Just a few exercises will help you with your legs.   One good one is lunges, either walking or stationary.  When you are lunging, be careful about your form.  Form is very important in all exercises to prevent injury and get the results you want.  Be sure to not go so far that your toe is behind you knee.  Always be able to see your toe on your front leg and don't go down so far that your leg is bent to more than 90 degrees.  Keep your eyes and shoulders up.  If you are doing walking lunges go about 25 feet, and repeat that 3-4 times.  Or stationary, do 3 sets of about 8-10.  Holding dumbbells in your hands will increase your workout and you will see better toning results.  If you have a leg press machine at a gym or your home, that is good too.  Doing the same 3 sets of 8-10 reps.  Calf raises are also simple you can do at home.  Just stand in the edge of the stairs or ledge on the balls of your feet, and push up to stand on your tip-toes.  Do about 2-3 sets of 15-20 of these  or until you feel a pretty good burn .   The reps and weight vary depending on your fitness levels before and after the baby.

 First, no tanning beds.  There is no such thing as a safe tanning bed.  The UV light from tanning beds is horrible.  The redness is cooked skin, which leads to problems and damaged DNA.  Second, quit smoking.  Third, do not tease dogs.  With warm weather there is an increase in bites, which can lead to infection, scaring, stitches, medical bills.  Number four, check out outside toys.  If they are broken or ripped, throw them away.  Clean any other toys.  Make it a game and have the kids hose them down.  Place any jungle gyms on grass - NO CEMENT!
 Being outside, also means dealing with bugs.  For ants, use chalk, talcum powder, baking soda, or salt.  ants will not go near it or cross it.  Dryer sheets repel bees and mosquitoes.  Just simply rub dryer sheets on your clothes and skin.  Roaches are nasty and multiple very fast, if you have one you have 20,000.  They can live 14 days without food, and 20 days with no water.  To get rid of roaches, get an old jar, fill with apples  they are attracted to them , cover the rim with petroleum jelly, then they can't get out.
 Clean pool and kiddies pools.  Algae and bacteria are everywhere.  Baking soda is non-toxic and can be used to clean pools.  It neutralizes pH and cleans the edges, which is where the kids are also leaning and even have their mouths on it.  Use a net to clean out leaves and bugs.  Cover the pool at night.  This will keep a lot of the bugs out of there that come out at night.  To conserve water, use the water in the pool to water the lawn when you pour it out.  Change the place of the pool every so often to prevent the grass from dying.
 The sandbox, kids love it, but it is very messy.  Always cover it when not in use.  Always turn the sand.  The sand below can get wet.  Watch the sand for rocks, glass, animal feces.  If there are feces in the sand,  When buying sand, be sure to get playground sand, not building sand.  Talcum powder will keep sand from sticking, so rub some on the kids before getting in the sandbox, and also have them jump around outside to get the sand off.

You can care for chapped lips and swollen lips.  Dry and chapped lips are painful and irritating. Keep your lips smooth and having a nice smile are important. Here are some tips how to prevent chapped swollen lips. Protecting your lips is important for your appearance and your health.

  The first thing you need to do is look at the rooms or your work place environment. If you work in dry heated air this will cause you to lick your lips more frequently. This will cause the moisture in them to evaporate more readily. Licking your lips has the same drying effect as washing your hands constantly it takes the moisture out of your skin. You need to try and not lick your lips and get some moisture in the room. You can get cold sores and bacterial infection from lips that are already damaged and dried out.

  You need to get a lip balm that are sold over the counter. Lip balms work by sealing in the moisture and provide a protective barrier. You can also try petroleum jelly and put a small amount on your lips. If you work outside the sun's ultraviolet rays can damage the skin on your lips. You need to protect them with any type of ointment that can be put on the lips. Windy conditions can also dry out your lips and cause them to crack. Try not to wipe the lip balm off when working outside in sunny windy conditions.

  If you are a female you can buy lipstick that includes a sunscreen. Apply plenty of lipstick to your bottom lip as it is more susceptible to getting chapped. Lipstick acts as a moisturizer too so it does double duty to prevent chapped lips. Another thing for you to look at is your toothpaste and mouth wash. You could be causing the red rough lips by using a toothpaste that doe not agree with the skin on your lips. Try changing them and see if the redness clears up. Make sure to rinse your mouth when you finish brushing your teeth and put on some lip balm. Make sure to watch your diet. Pepper, mustard, orange juice can dry out your lips even barbecue sauce can cause chapped lips.
 If you find yourself lost and alone in the skin-care aisle; if you're thinking of going under the knife, but hoping you won't have to; if you need specific, detailed information about how to get rid of the bags under your eyes or those ever-deepening furrows in your brow; if you've gone to your girlfriends, women's magazines, cosmetics counters, facialists, and plastic surgeons and gotten lots of conflicting answers; then Dr. Fredric Brandt's simple, streamlined system is for you. With "10 Minutes/10 Years," one of the world's most famous cosmetic dermatologists offers a breakthrough skin-care program that will take you only ten minutes a day  and will reverse your skin's aging process by ten years. There is a skin-care revolution taking place; the days of washing your face with soap and water and slapping on some cream are long gone. But this means that skin care isn't simple anymore. As new products appear, seemingly overnight, it becomes harder to know what's right for your skin. With warmth and humor, Dr. Brandt cuts through the information overload to provide concrete information and advice for women of all ages and of every skin type.

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