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 Fighting a sinus infection could last a few days to a few weeks. You need to see your doctor or you can try some home remedies.  If you think that a cold cannot do anything worse, pain and congestion and maybe a fever are all sign of a sinus infection.

 So start out with home remedies and if all else fails, get to your doctor. when you are suffering from a sinus infection you can try and take care of it before it gets worse. Some sinus infection are caused by an allergy so you need to make sure what you are allergic too. Another way to loosen the dried mucus is through moisture or using a humidifier.


  You can try drinking chicken soup or some green tea. A lot of tea products are made from herbs. You can try eucalyptus, ginger, peppermint, licorice, lemon balm and Echinacea. It is best to boil the tea and let it cool for a few minutes before drinking.

 First try Eucalyptus it is a fragrant herb that is nice to smell and is known to soothe a sore throat. Goldenseal is another herb that you can use to treat sinus infection. It has been shown it improves overall congestion and can help you breath better.

 You can try steam therapy, drinking lots of liquid, getting enough rest, using heat packs and taking some medicine. Make sure if you are not sure about some of these herbs that you check with your doctor. Peppermint smells very good which is why it is know to calm the mucus membranes.

 You can mix this in hot water and inhale it and drink it as tea. You can also try Echinacea which is an herb that can kill certain viruses in the respiratory system. People who are allergic to ragweed should not try this herb.
 There are other herbs you can use to fight a sinus infection aside from the herbs above. Try mixing some of these herbs  together. You can buy this in capsule form or pluck it out from your garden.

 In the end, it doesn’t really matter where you got it because it is designed to do one thing and that is to relieve you from sinus infection. Sitting up will also keep your sinuses from clogging up. You can take a hot shower and breath in the steam.

 Smoking causes sinus infections. If you happen to smoke regularly, cut it down gradually and then quit the habit. Many people are unaware that smoking damages the lining of the sinuses and causes swelling the in the mucus membranes.