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  The easiest way to live a Paleo lifestyle at our lowest prices of the year.

 It is also known as the mother grain which is what the Incas called it. It is the best grain for your healthy diet. It is a great source essential nutrients which research has called it the super grain. Quinoa is loaded with protein and contains all nine amino acids that your body need from food. Quinoa is a must need grain for people that are not eating much meat in their diet. You need protein in your healthy diet. It is high in the amino acid lysine which is important for tissue growth and repair.

 Quinoa is a high energy grain and helps with fatigue. You blood needs iron to carry oxygen and keep your red blood cells healthy. This helps your heart not have to work harder. The more oxygen in the lungs the less fatigue. Most grain have little iron but quinoa is packed full of iron. It also contains two more nutrients that your body needs to maintain good health. Magnesium and riboflavin which help your blood work more efficiently. Without these in your diet you can have higher blood pressure. They help your heart beet more regularly and less likely to have blood clots.

 You can add it to many different meals and food. It is soft and can be added to soups, pasta dishes, and stuffing. It does spoil quickly so you need to fix it as soon as you can. You should buy it in small quantities and store it in a refrigerator or cool dry place. It is delicate and not like other grains like rice and wheat.

 You need to make sure you wash it good before preparing it in a food dish. Quinoa cooks fast and can become mushy if you cook it too long. You should not cook it in boiling water for more then ten to fifteen minutes. It also plumps up a lot so a little amount goes a long way.

 Having low energy levels makes your feel "old". When you have low energy, you just can't enjoy life as much, right?... - You're not as productive at work (or in life!). You don't have energy to exercise or do physical activities. Your mind isn't as sharp and you have "brain fog". You're too tired to be "intimate" with your special someone. You don't even enjoy your leisure time as much because you just want to rest and "do nothing".

  Most people say "well, I'm just getting older", but it doesn't have to be this way. There is a simple way to quickly improve and fix this and have more natural energy! In today's video, my friend Dr. Sam Robbins reveal how you can turn ON your "energy switch" and give your body the #1 element it needs for all-day youthful energy, and razor sharp thinking. .


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