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 You can reduce pain from a injury with pain management techniques

  If you have a injury from sports or an accident the pain can be over whelming. Here is some help with the discomfort by using pain management techniques.  When rehabilitating from a injury you need to try and reduce the pain involved which will help in a faster recovery. make sure to see a doctor if the pain is severe.


 You should stay positive in your thoughts and keep anxiety to a minimum. You should have short and long term goals to heal and recover from your injury. You need to choose to be smart and work on getting through the pain from your rehab program. If you are being negative will only cause a slow healing process and can cause more pain.

  Deep breathing will help you  relax and get oxygen to the injured area which will lesson the pain. Meditation of soothing imagery such as laying on a beach, floating in space,etc should be included with your deep breathing. Therapeutic massage of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments is also vital to help you recover. You need to acknowledge the pain and what area of the body it is centered in. This will help your mind focus on the internal healing process.

  You need to developed a positive attitude to manage the pain. Your process to recovery is dependent on your over all attitude and continuing your therapeutic routines. You must not over work the injured area, all this will do is increase the pain and slow down the healing. Your short term goal is to reduce the pain , swelling and have a positive mental state. You can control this by restricting activity , using ice on the injured area. Protect the injured area and decrease movements will help with the painful muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

    How to help prevent sickness and getting sick
 Everybody gets sick, however, there are some ways to prevent it from happening so often.
 Sickness is always worse in the winter because of the close quarters indoors where germs can multiply.  Everybody inside all the time makes bacteria, viruses, and germs travel easily from person to person.  Wash your hands regularly, at least twenty seconds, in warm water. 

 Keep your hands off your face and dry with a clean towel.  A lot of germs get on your hands, and when you touch your hands to your face, there is an easy in for the germs to get into your body.  They can go in through your nose, mouth, or eyes.
 Get enough rest and relax.  When your sleep your immune system gets stronger.  Sleeping will also help prevent bags and dark circles under your eyes.  Exhaustion also leads to sickness, so get plenty of rest.  Eat enough fruits and vegetables and take vitamins. 

 A good diet and proper nutrition is essential to prevent sickness. Stay hydrated drink plenty of water and 100% juice drinks.  If you are sick you need to replace what's going out.  Hydration can prevent whatever you have from becoming worse.
 Do not share drinks, food, utensils, toothbrushes, or towels this is important.  Even sharing cigarettes can spread germs between people.  Sharing these items is a sure fire way to get sick.  Most of the time your immune system does not react the same way to the same germs. 

 So, what happens to one person, may be different in someone else.  Other tip for preventing sickness, is keep good oral health. Brush your teeth and tongue several times a day. Make sure to use an antibacterial soap when you wash.


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