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 Nutrition recommendations for better physical performance that pretty healthy diet will provide adequate food and nutrients to meet the need of almost all athletes in training and competition.  The diet may help enhance performance for certain athletic events and subsequent specific recommendations.  Relative to the use of various nutrients of dietary supplements to your in the exercise metabolism and supports nutrient.



  Recently noted that the main role of nutrition for the athlete to have consistent intensive training. Athletes involved in
daily physical activity of a prolonged intense nature such as long distance running and swimming need to maintain adequate
energy balance to sustain workout intensity.

 There are several major goals of the pre competition meal that may be achieved through proper diet and composition. You should allow for the stomach to be relatively empty at the start of competition this helps to prevent any gastronomical distress and help avoid sensations of hunger lightheadedness and to provide adequate fuel supplies primarily carbohydrates in the blood and muscles.

 Adequate fluid intake should be assured prior to any event particularly if the event will be the long duration or conducted
under hot environmental conditions. For events in the morning eat meals similar to breakfast choose one bowl of oatmeal two pieces of toast and jelly.

 For more events in the late afternoon a snack again with a substantial breakfast and lunch for late competitions. Bangles with jelly which are easily digestible. Liquid meals have some advantages over solid meals pre-
competition nutrition with little meals that are well balanced and nutritional value of a high carbohydrate content.

 Sports bars are very good and some are designed to serve as a meal replacement. Sports bars do not possess any magical qualities to enhance physical performance but they possess some advantages similar to liquid meals. They do not contain all the helpful nutrients like natural foods and thus should not be used on a long-term basis to replace the healthy diet.

 The diet that is optimal for health is the optimal diet of sports performance. This is the key principles that applies to physically active males and females of all ages. Athletes should eat sandwiches grilled chicken breast sandwiches on whole grain buns are good for the athletes health and performance.

 The prudent athletic diet such as lean roast beef sandwiches on whole grain buns a single hamburger on a whole grain bun or with baked potatoes, pasta dishes spaghetti and macaroni all provide carbohydrates and energy for the athlete. 

 Vitamins and other enhancements related to nutrients such as ginseng are good to take , amino acids and another protein related substances and liquid a meal products are available commercially in various flavors. The energy content is usually about 250 calories in most liquid meals and are high in carbohydrates and moderate  protein and low in fat.

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