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 We all need to prevent staph infection MRSA .You can use antimicrobial agents . Staph infections MRSA are on the rise and can get onto your skin from sports gear that has not been cleaned. Exercise equipment, weight rooms and locker rooms need to be properly cleaned to prevent infections.  The first thing you need to do if you are into sports and working out is to make sure to wash with a antimicrobial soap when you are done.

 You should not be sharing towels, clothing or anything someone else has used without washing the item first.  All the contact sports will have a higher possibility of contracting   mrsa. Ice hockey is especially high on the list because of the equipment.


 You must not share shin pads or equipment that has not been cleaned this is a big mistake. Your chances of catching a staph infection from a open cut or sore on your skin is very high. Football and lacrosse players can also catch staph infections.  People that are into wrestling make sure the school uses an antimicrobial agents to clean the wrestling mats.

 You need to clean your equipment at least once a month to reduce the chances of getting a stapf infection. Staph can be found in body fluids, blood, sweat,  and can hide in your sports gear that come into contact with your skin. Weight lifters you need to wipe down the benches and weight equipment with a antimicrobial cloth most gyms will provide these.

 You should also spray the equipment with a disinfecting spray especially the equipment that gets high usage. You should always wear flip flops in the shower room these are high traffic, damp areas that will contain the bacteria that can spread staph infections to your feet and ankle areas.

If you need to get your equipment cleaned they are companies that can clean them for you. Most ice rinks and other sports facilities will have a machine such as a Sanisport or a local business with a Esporta machine. The Centers for Disease Control which you can access online has more information on where there have been outbreaks of staph and mrsa in your area. If you suspect you have a infection you should consult with your doctor or go to an emergency room right away, a bad infection can be fatal.

    How to protect yourself from blood-borne pathogens

  We are all   exposed to infectious diseases.  However, our bodies are powerful things and can fight off most of them without us even knowing it. The most common blood borne pathogens include hepatitis B, C and HIV.
 For someone who works in the healthcare setting or even in an office, here are some ways to prevent the transmission of these infectious diseases. Always wear rubber gloves. 

 When an individual is bleeding or is seeping any sort of bodily fluid you need to wear gloves.  Act as if everybody has HIV, even if they do not prevention is the best cure.  This way you are safe, you must protect yourself.  Immediately wash your hands after removing the gloves and wash anywhere that has come in contact with fluids.
 If there is blood on clothes, be sure to clean it completely off before that athlete or individual returns to play.  Any materials towels, gauze, gloves  with fluids, blood, pus, on them should be disposed of in a biohazard container.

 Hydrogen peroxide is a good item to use to get blood of clothing.  If CPR is needed, use a barrier you can buy these at all drug stores.  There are several mouthpieces, masks, and valves available so mouth-to-mouth does not involve direct contact.  Treatment tables,  benches, floors, or playing surfaces should be disinfected daily.  All health care professionals should have the Hepatitis B vaccine.  This will prevent the spread as well.  Carry hand sanitizer and wipes with you to practice and all athletic events.

 This will prevent you from having to leave the area to wash your hands.  Any razors, needles, scalpels, and blades need to be disposed of in a red "sharps" container after use. Washing your hands and arms is the best way

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