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 Your immune system has antibodies and lymphatic circulating through you entire blood system. At this time it is not known how to enhance your bone marrow through good nutrition. However proper diet and nutrition can help bring the bone marrow into proper faction.

 When you become allergic your thymus gland often does not work up to par because of the enormous amount  of immune system function is thymus related. In some cases a sluggish spleen may hinder immune system functioning to its full potential.

 The best ways to work with the lymphatic system includes massages, herbal preparations or combination of the two.


 Many people have problems with their digestive tract such as indigestion, heart burn, burping and many others. If the process of digesting your food is under par then the immune system is likely to become over active or the opposite. The steps of acid production pancreas enzyme production and such are nor working like they should. In many cases your gall bladder can be at fault and you need to consult with your doctor. Today many physicians know the value of herbal medicine that will detoxify and strengthen the entire system. Many countries like China and India have been using herbs in their diet for thousands of years.

 It will come as a surprise the eighty percent of the world relies on some kind of herbal medicine rather then modern American medicine. In the last ten years there has been a tremendous improvement in the use of herbs and how thy are produced. For example Ginseng has been refined and sold in health food stores and your local super markets. You need to make sure your system can tolerate certain herbs immune system building nutrients and herbs from your local store.

        Homeopathic Remedies

 The exact mechanisms of Homeopathic Remedies generally is not understood. Non the less they do seem to help with recovery from food allergies and chemical sensitivities. Homeopathic Remedies is better understood when examined from an energy rather than mechanistic point of view in other words looking at it from a different light. Dr Schachter believe Homeopathic Remedies can help correct problems with your immune system. There are two systems of Homeopathic Remedies that are being used today. According to this thinking if you receive the same substance that has made you sick in very minute quantities it will help you get well again.

         Stress Management will help your immune system

 Your brain can modify its own neurchemistry through various relaxation, stress management and suggestion techniques. These methods have helped people strengthen their immune system about fifty percent of the time. When treating diseases that have multiple causes
different things help different people. Some do well on neutralization and some do well with selenium and other minerals that are prescribed by their doctor. There are many doctors that are in tune with herbs and understanding how they can help your immune system you just need to find them to help with your medical problem.

 You need to detoxifying the home this will help strengthen the immune system from home allergies. make sure that you do not have old dusty carpets which can harbor molds. Make sure to use one hundred percent cotton sheets and pillow cases. Air filters in the furnace need to be changes every couple months. You can buy filters that go in the vents that will keep dust to a minimum. You can try some plants that are great at absorbing pollution. These include the spider plants, Brazilian palms, wide leaf wandering Jews, and marigolds.

 Try to use natural room deodorizers with healthier alternatives such as baking soda ,lemon juice, and white vinegar. Boiling peppermint will act as a natural air freshener as well. All this will help you boost your immune system and make you feel better. By taking small steps such as buying herbs and alternative health foods will make you more healthy in the long run.

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