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 How to buy and operate an Elliptical machine for health and fitness  buying  and operating an elliptical machines is quite simple. Here are a few ideas on Elliptical machines.

 When you first start looking, you need to have an idea of what you want.  There are different brands and styles.  Overall, they all function pretty much the same.  There are other options on some that are not available on others, so keep an eye out if you see something you like.  Some elliptical are equip with stationary handles, while others have arms that move when your feet move. 

 The ones with the moving arms increase your heart rate more and faster, thus giving you a better cardiovascular workout. You can also  increase the resistance for movement.

 According to a recent Mayo Clinic study on weight loss, participants who received cash incentives were more likely to stick with the weight-loss program and lost more weight than participants who received no incentives. Find your incentive when you bet on your weight loss with a HealthyWager from HealthyWage.


 Other options available are those that have built in mp3 players and slots to put memory cards, for either music and or workout history.  Some ellipticals have a running board where the foot pads are , that moves up and down.  These are usually the more expensive ones.  However, being able to move the height of the running board is essential for targeting different areas of the lower body.  You can set the height to focus on your butt, hamstrings, quads thighs, calf's, and a combination, or all of them.

 The Cross Training handlebars that are added to the Elliptical Trainer's motion, allow you to get into a higher gear from the word go. By using all the muscles in the chest, back and arms, you are actually multi-tasking while on this fitness machine! This movement makes a workout on a cross trainer much more effective than a workout on an treadmill. You will notice a total body workout, instead of focusing only on the lower body. A workout on this type of machine in fact combines exercise on a stair stepper, treadmill, rowing machine, and ordinary elliptical trainer. You will increase your heart rate at a fast beat, and experience the results of calorie fat-burning exercise.

 This makes it nice because you can work out a certain area more so than others, while still getting a great cardiovascular workout.  Most machines do not need to be plugged into the wall, but some do.  Pay attention to this when buying it and where you plan to put it in your home. 

 Elliptical machines and trainers and usually very difficult to put together and carry.  They are packaged in large boxes and are very, heavy.  I suggest buying from a company that has a delivery and insulation service.  It may cost a little bit extra money, but it is well worth it.  The technicians that come are trained and have the correct tools to put the machine together fastest and with less worry.  It is added stress that you do not need.  You do not want to start out having a workout machine in your home, and being ready to use it, then hate it from putting it together.

   You can do cross training for fitness and to loose weight

  Cross training is when you involve yourself in a different workout that you usually do.  This helps prevent burnout, injury, and gives you a variety in your workout routine, which keeps you motivated.
  To cross train, do something different than you normally do.  If you run everyday, take a couple days and go swimming or ride a bicycle  stationary bikes work too!  On the other end, if you are a swimmer, go for a run or a bike ride.  Common activities for cross training are swimming, running, cycling, ice or roller skating, tennis, racquetball, or rowing.  Cross training helps improve your performance. To cross train think of something fun that you enjoy, related to exercise of course.  Do this activity, have some fun.  If you have never tried anything new, grab a friend and go try some different things.  Cross training is a good motivational tool and helps prevent burnout, and overuse injuries, while keeping up your workout schedule and fitness.
 Cross training is a great way to loose weight.  Your body gets used to doing the same thing everyday.  It needs a change.  If you do the same workouts your body will adapt and no longer be affected by what you are doing.  Change is essential to overall fitness and health.  When you are doing something you enjoy, and something different it is easier to keep up a routine because boredom is not as much of a problem.  Overall, cross training helps to prevent injuries, burnout, and exhaustion, while at the same time improving strength, fitness, mental and physical health, and happiness.

 You need to sprint on a treadmill to increase your running speed, sprinters workouts.  If you are a runner and want to increase your speed. Here are some sprinters workouts to use on a treadmill to run faster with a high speed sprint program.  When using a treadmill for speed it is important to maintain safety before you start a speed training program. You need to use a harness that attaches to the treadmill and use the safety cut off switch which you can hook to your shorts. The harness will let your arms have free movement. You need to have a spotter at the side of the treadmill.

  Do your normal warm up routines and stretching exercises before your start your sprinters workouts on the treadmill. You will need to practice getting on the surface of the machine while it is running at a higher speed. If you don't do this but get on at lower speeds you will be wasting energy, this is for sprinting not jogging to increase your sprint speeds.

  As you start your sprint program it is important to maintain consistency from the start of the sprint to the end. You will be working on extending your stride and expanding your lungs to take in more air. Each running session should be timed. When you first start out try and maintain your initial times within a 5 second window for a week. A six to eight week program like this will produce great results.

  The first week session you should have the treadmill at 90% maximum speed. Start out with 5 to 15 repetitions for 2 minute intervals for peak performance to increase your sprinting speed.  After the first week you can adjust your sprinters workouts by increasing the repetitions or the speed on the machine.  It is important to stretch and cool down after each session to let your body recover. To work on lengthen your running stride you can add two to six repetitions each week.   Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

 "The Athlete's Way is amazingly informative and complete with a program to get and keep you off the couch. Bravo, for another exercising zealot who has written a book that should be read on your elliptical or stationary bike. He pushed me to go farther on a sleepy Sunday."- John J. Ratey, MD, author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science in Exercise and the Brain.

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