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 An earache can be a sharp, dull, or burning pain in one or both ears. The pain may be temporary or constant. You can treat an earache get rid of a earache

  When you are having severe pain in your ear you should go see an eye, ear and nose doctor. If you decide to treat the ear pain yourself here are some suggestions on how to cure an earache.

 The most common cause of an ear problem is a blocked Eustachian tube.

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 First you need to make sure you don't have a severe cold or the flue. Make sure you don't have a sinus or throat infection this can cause you to have a terrible earache. When you swallow this causes the eardrum to contract and the air cannot get out causing the pain. If you travel in air planes you need to make sure you swallow as the air pressure changes. You need to swallow hard to let the muscle in the ear release the pressure on the tubes.

  You should keep your mouth moving by chewing on gum or eating candy while flying in an airplane. If you need to yawn do it. This is great way to keep the Eustachian tubes open. When you go swimming and you are prone to ear pain you should wear ear plugs to keep the water from getting into your ear. Swimmers ear can be very pain full. When you go scuba diving it is important to make sure you equalize the pressure in your ears while you dive. Keeping your ears dry on the inside while in the water will prevent problems with the inner ear drum.

  If you have children earaches are a very common problem If you child is fussy and crying and their ears are red could be a sign of a ear problem. babies will cry and pull at their ear if its bothering them. Make sure to check to see if the baby has a fever and check for any drainage from their ear. The drainage could be yellow or a white fluid. Make sure to take them to the doctor so the doctor can prescribe the proper medication to treat their earache.

  You can treat earaches with some over the counter medications. You can try ear drops and there are certain nasal sprays that can relieve the congestion causing the pain in your ears. You should not use them for more then 2 or 3 days as this can cause rebound in nasal congestion.

      How to keep your eyes healthy  wear make-up correctly
 You never think of it, but your eyes need to be properly cared for.  Make-up is another essential component for healthy eyes and facial skin.
 When you wear make-up everyday you need to wash it off every night before bed.  Wearing it everyday can cause chronic skin irritation.  Just because you are washing it off with a make-up remover, that can still dry your skin out and take away its natural oils and glow.  If make-up gets in your eyes during the night it can cause irritation such as itching, redness, or infection.  A smart tip: apply a moisturizer to your skin before applying make-up; this will prevent the drying effects of make-up.
 Scratching your eye with your mascara brush happens to everyone.  You think nothing of it: take out the contact, clean it, and go on your way.  This is more serious than you think.  This causes irritation, infection and could eventually lead to blindness.  Use your own cosmetic brushes and sponges, replace regularly.  Donít share Ė this can lead to infections. 
 You should replace your mascara every 2-3 months.  It should be replaced more often depending on the more often you use it.  If it gets a funny smell, or beings to be chunky, it needs to be replaced.  Brushes should also be replaced; even if they are only for eye shadow/blush, they still contain dust mites and bacteria.

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