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  You can treat diarrhea symptoms relieve diarrhea.

 Diarrhea is uncomfortable and unpleasant to have to deal with. It usually last a few days and is usually caused by a viral infection.
 Diarrhea can spread from one family member to another especially if they have been sick with the flue or some other viral infection.

  When you are going to the bathroom several times a day and your stool is runny you probable have diarrhea. You should make sure that you do not have any blood in the stool You should also make sure you do not have a fever or shaking chills. If you have these symptoms you should go see your doctor.


 You can get diarrhea from contaminated food, water from lakes and streams, and shared hot tubs and swimming pools. You need to check with your doctor to make sure you don't have irritable bowl syndrome, IBS if the condition lasts more then 3 or 4 days.

  Since you loose liquid you need to stay hydrated and drink liquids that will help replenish your sodium and potassium.
You can drink Gatorade and drinks like ginger ale are the best to help fight getting dehydrated. Make sure to keep your drinks cool and not cold. Take a few sips and do not gulp down a glass at a time. You can eat a bowl of broth making sure it is luke warm and not hot. You should try and rest this will give your body time to fight the bug and if you are having cramps try a heating pad on your tummy.

  Other foods you can try and eat are yogurt that contains lactobacillus which will help calm your stomach. Rice and noodles along with bananas are good to eat. You should avoid milk and cheese since the small intestine is where the diarrhea is usually located and that is where these to products are digested. You should stay away from any caffeine especially coffee which will only add to your diarrhea.

   As a last measure you can try a over the counter medication like Pepto Bismal which is well know to help stop diarrhea. If you continue to have to go to the bathroom after 5 days you need to get to the doctor because this could be a sign of a more serious condition.
           You can cure or relieve an  upset stomach with to much HCL.

 Most of us have suffered with a upset stomach, here are some ideas to cure a upset stomach. Most of this is common sense and the other is from my own experience. The first thing you need to do is keep track of when you have a upset stomach and write it down. What time of the day is your stomach bothering you. If your stomach is upset after you eat then ask yourself what type of food did I just eat. Does your stomach get upset at work then it could be due to stress. Look at what medications your are taking. Some medications require that you eat before hand or take with milk.

 Your stomach secrets hydrochloric acid  HCL  which helps you digest food. Sometimes your stomach secretes to much acid this is when you get a sour or upset stomach. You can try antacids such as Rolaids which help neutralize the acid build up. If the problem is more severe you can get Tagamet or Zantac they help with the control of HCL. As far as Tums and Pepto Bismol they contain calcium carbonate and help reduce the HCL. You need to be careful with them as they can cause constipation.

 If you are having a really bad burning feeling in your upper right chest area it could be a gallstone. The systems I had were just after I ate I had a severe burning feeling and thought it was heartburn.. If you are having the same symptoms check with your doctor. If the burning is severe you need to go to your emergence room at your hospital. If a gallstone has blocked the tube from your gallbladder to your intestine like it did with me it can be a serious problem. This blockage can cause your gallbladder to burst which can be fatal if not treated right away. The usual treatment is that a surgeon will remove your gallbladder.

       You can treat and cure hiccups get rid of hiccups

  We all have had them and sometimes its funny and sometimes irritating. Hiccups are the result of when the vagus nerve and the abdomen are irritated. The hiccup is then processed and we let out the hic sound. Most doctors say that the hiccup is a reaction or disturbance in the digestive area. Here are some ideas that you can do to prevent and get rid of hiccups.

  The first thing to do is try and stimulate the vagus nerve with a new sensation. One method you might try is eating something sweet. You can try and put some sugar on the back of your tongue this could overload the nerve and stop the hiccup. You can also try and put your fingers in your ears. Rotate you fingers in the ear gently this can help relieve the symptoms. Another thing you can try is have someone scare you this has been around for some time and might work. When someone surprises you this can overwhelm the vagus nerve and stop the hiccups.

  Try and drink a glass of water and then gargle this will help stop them. You can try and tickle the roof of your mouth with a cotton cue tip and pinch your nose when done holding your breath can stop the hiccups. You can breath into a paper bag which will increase your carbon dioxide which will stop the hiccups. If you notice you have them after eating try taking an antacid that contains magnesium.  When it comes to eating you need to slow down and chew your food. Avoid gulping down food is well known for causing hiccups. Eating to much is also know to cause them.

  You need to avoid spicy foods they can irritate the lining of the food pipe and the stomach and set off a bout of hiccups. Try and drink only in moderation ,when you drink alcohol too fast it can irritate the esophagus and bring on a set of hics. The stomach becomes irritated from the big gulps resulting in hiccups. Most bouts will last no more then an hour. If you are experiencing more then this and the home remedies don't work it is time to consult with a doctor. The doctor might prescribe an antacid to help relieve them.

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