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  Here are some ideas on lessen depression. Spend some time in the light outside in the sun. Spending a lot of time in a dark area will naturally lead to depressed moods.

 Open the blinds of the room you spend time in open the windows and let fresh air in. Sit outside in the sun.

  You need to get out. Confining yourself to one area will make you feel worse. An easy solution for that is utilize space and do not sleep, work, and relax in the same part of your house or apartment.

 According to a recent Mayo Clinic study on weight loss, participants who received cash incentives were more likely to stick with the weight-loss program and lost more weight than participants who received no incentives. Find your incentive when you bet on your weight loss with a HealthyWager from HealthyWage.

  Start eating bananas and blueberries put them in your diet. Fast food and refined food are more difficult for your body to digest therefore depressing your mood try and stay away from them.

  Exercise has a great deal of influence on your mood. Get out, go for a walk for 20-30 minutes. Getting your blood flowing with exercise is an way to increase your mood. When you exercise you feel better about yourself, which will make you feel better in general. Walking is considered exercise, and walking from your car to the hamburger shop is no exercise! Go to the park, walk around the walking trails especially in nice sunny weather.

  There are other factors than simply eating foods that increase serotonin involved in getting your mood up exercising, getting natural sunlight each day, getting enough vitamin d, laughing, getting enough sleep will help with depression. These are very important to raising your mood. Including these foods that increase serotonin levels in your diet will certainly help.

  If youíre feeling down give my personal serotonin boosting formula a go, it runs roughly as follows: Jog to the gym do a great workout and have fun, walk back, have a whey, banana and coconut milk shake; relax , but very effective in lowering your depression.

  Here are the top 10 everyday bodybuilding foods that increase serotonin levels. This will explain why these particular bodybuilding foods are fantastic for raising your mood and making you feel better.

Whilst these are all foods that increase serotonin levels, Iíve included each food for a slightly different reason:

1) Free Range Turkey
2) Flaxseed/ Flaxseed oil
3) Buckwheat
4) Wild Fish and Sea food
5) Whey protein
6) Bananas
7) High quality Eggs
8) Sour Cherries
9) Free Range Beef
10) Dark Chocolate