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 Head impacts are one of the top issues in sports today. In all levels all the way to the pro's head contact and concussions are in the news. High school and college athletes research has shown that their brains are still growing and developing. Any type of blow to the head can be very dangerous and need to be examined.

 A concussion at this age can be one of the greatest risk they can have. There are a couple great programs that athletic trainers and doctors can use.

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 The Balance System is a pad the person can stand on. The pad can tilt to twenty degrees. This system provides balance testing with objective data to normal data where the person that does not have a concussion. This program comes with a USB port connection to hook up to a lap top computer. This Biodex Balance assessment includes a software program that takes the athletic trainer through base line testing. It also provide post injury evaluation and rehabilitation.

 To help prevent concussions a program called "The Halo" uses a piece of equipment that strengthens the neck which is a factor in concussion prevention. The Halo is designed to get a dynamic neck strengthen system. It is designed to get a full contraction of the neck muscles by horizontal resistance of the head. This equipment comes with a blatter that is filled with air to fit different head sizes. The Halo helps build strength and flexibility. This helps dissipate the force of an head impact. After an impact to the head you can slow down the motion with a strong neck. If the athletic has good range of motion in the neck there is more time to slow the hit down. By doing so they can help prevent a concussion from repeated blows to the head.

 More help can be obtained to prevent concussions from using an impact sensing mouth guard. This type of mouth guard does not prevent a concussion but informs the athletic trainer that a blow to the head might have caused a concussion. The Biometrics Impact Sensing Mouthguard fits tightly into the upper teeth. This is due to the fact the upper teeth are rigid to the skull and can measure if the skull has moved due to a high impact. The data is recorded and sent to a lap top in real time. If the impact exceeds a certain level an alarm goes off and alerts the trainer to a sizable hit. Assessing a person for a concussion is one of the athletic trainers most important jobs.

 The X-Band design of the Premier has a low profile and a high level of protection and comfort. The adjustable lightweight cross-strap construction in addition to the interchangeable occipital padding makes the Premier the most unique and advanced headgear in the game.

 The inner lining of the Premier is constructed with moisture management fabric to accelerate moisture evaporation, allowing the player to keep his head in the game. It is based upon feedback from professional players and use under real game conditions, and therefore, is ideal for those athletes who play full out at the highest levels of the game.

 Concussion Prevention Head Bands


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