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 How to treat bursitis pain and bursitis symptoms which is an inflammation of the fluid filled sac that
protects muscles ,ligaments and tendons. Many people suffer from the pain of bursitis in your back and
other areas of the body is difficult. Here are a few home cures and ideas on how to reduce the pain
and inflammation of the bursa sac. If you notice that you are having pain in your back near the
shoulder blades you need to cut down on the activity that is causing the pain. bursitis pain bursitis
symptoms can be treated.

 First you need to rest the area. Search for ways to adjust the activity that started the pain to
lesson the stress it puts on your joints. Overhead reaching or pushing and pulling at or above the
shoulder may worsen shoulder pain. If you can't reach something use a stepladder. There are many
conditions for which joint pain is a condition. You should not ignore these conditions. If the pain
does not go away after rest and ice then you should go see your doctor and don't take any medications
without talking to the doctor first.

 You can also have bursitis show up through no activity at all. The first thing to do is try and locate
the painful part of your body. You should not stop all movement but slow down to let the effected area
get some rest. When you have pain in the heals of your feet you should try getting better fitting
shoes. You can also look at getting some kind of supports that can be placed in the shoe to lesson the
pain from bursitis in the foot. You should do is look for ways to change your activities that puts
pressure on the joint that is causing the pain.

  If you are having pain in your knees try wearing knee pads when you are working in a kneeling
position. Make sure to use a foot stool instead on applying pressure to your knees. When you have
bursitis pain in your elbows and you read with your elbows supporting the weight of the book use a
book hold to hold up the book. Another thing to do is rest the area and apply ice for twenty minutes.
If you don't have a ice pack use frozen peas or corn. After a few days of ice you can use a heating
pad for twenty minutes on the area to increase blood flow to the joints and bursa sac.

 After you have relieved the pain go ahead and exercise the area with stretching and moving the area
through a full range of motion. If its in your arm you can swing your arms in a clockwise and counter
clockwise circle motions slowly at first. If you have had bursitis in your should area you can do some
simple movements. Crawl your hand up the wall like a spider with slow controlled movements. If you
have someone massage the area this will help promote the blood flow You can also take two regular
strength aspirin or ibuprofen to help reduce the swelling until you can return to regular movements
without pain. You can also take Advil or Ibuprofen which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
these will help with the pain and inflammation.

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