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  The easiest way to live a Paleo lifestyle at our lowest prices of the year.

  As many as sixty percent of people have bowl movement problems in their life time. This can also be caused by spinal cord injuries and after surgery. It can be as high as seventy five percent in children with cerebral palsy that have chronic constipation. many people that have a neurological problems will have problems because the brain nerve functions are disrupted between the brain and the bowel.

People will have constipation from different medicine that for a short time slow down the bowel thus causing them to not have a bowel movement for several days. The nerves that push content through the intestines may also be affected. This slows down the bowel movement through the lower intestine which indicates the need for a better life style in social function such as proper diet and exercise.

The human body is made for the movement of waste products from an upright position due to gravity so being in an upright position moves the contents downward. If you have an upright posture this will create more space for the intestine to move in the chest and abdomen. This space will create better digestion and movement of the bowels and will help relieve constipation. Even if your movement is limited just getting up and moving will get your system working. If you can adding dynamic activities will improve your bowel movements and help eliminate constipation. Drinking plenty of water keeps the bowels lubricated and eating the proper foods help.

 This is a topic that normally isn't 'proper' to talk about, but for those of us that experience it, it needs to be talked about! Due to many different prescription medications and their side effects, I have a very difficult time moving my bowels! I have tried so many things, OTC and prescription, including what my doctor told me to do, taking up to 4-5 stool softeners per day! way too many pills and it still wasn't helping at all!

 Then I saw an advertisement for Digestive Advantage and decided there would be no harm in trying it! I did, and have not stopped taking it since! Before taking this, I was lucky to be able to move my bowels once a week, sometimes less often, and always very painfully! Now, I hardly ever have pain, and go 3-4 times a week or more! Finally almost normal and much healthier.
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