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We all need to watch our blood pressure. High blood pressure is a killer and can cause many health problems. You need to take control of your blood pressure by diet and exercise.  you are more likely to have high blood pressure as you age.

By exercising you can prevent risks of high blood pressure which can cause stroke and kidney disease. Exercising can help you get it under control and help you feel better.

If you already have high blood pressure you need to consult with your doctor before you start any form of exercise. When your heart is stronger it can pump more blood more easily causing less pressure on your arteries.

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 While exercise may not work for everyone you can easily lower your blood pressure by around ten millimeters. With proper diet and walking thirty minutes a day. Thirty minutes can be hard to do for some people, mainly because they can't find the time. If this is something you have to deal with, you can do small sessions of exercise.  You need to control your blood pressure. You can lose weight or maintain your desired weight which also affects your blood pressure.

 Overweight people are prone to having high blood pressure and an increased risk of stroke or kidney or heart diseases. You could exercise for ten minutes at a time throughout the day. At the end of the day you will have done thirty minutes.

 With any exercise routine, you should talk with your doctor first.
Smoking increases blood pressure as well and makes it hard for you to exercise. If you are over weight it has an effect on everything and you definitely want to consult your doctor before starting an exercise program.

 The average heart rate for a healthy human being runs between seventy and seventy five beats per minute. The higher the heart rate is, the higher the blood pressure. Another physical factor related to blood pressure is the blood volume of the body. The more blood there is in the body, the higher the rate of blood return to the heart and the higher the blood pressure.

 Having a chronic health condition or high cholesterol and even high blood pressure can put you at risk when exercising. Taking short walks and eating fruits and taking some healthy form of Omega three will help reduce your blood pressure.

  Fatty acids are responsible for the smoothness of blood vessels, because the more that is deposited on the walls, the less resistance there is. Viscosity, on the other hand, is the thickness of the blood flowing through the body. You need to increase your heart rate slowly which is a factor in your blood pressure with proper diet and exercise you will be able to lower your blood pressure.

  There are a few other risk factors that can be modified and some that cannot be. The following are some risks:  Tobacco
  Physical Inactivity
 , Diabetes
 , Abnormal Cholesterol
 and being overweight.

 Unfortunately anyone can get high blood pressure but it is more common among African Americans. Nearly one in three American adults has high blood pressure. Even so with treatment you can help lower your blood pressure and feel better.

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